Welcome to OATS! Best place in SLO to get your completely custom organic airbrush tan. The application is done all by hand using an ultra-fine mist airbrush gun.  This allows for a flawless touch of golden bronze for any occasion.  Multiple shades offer clients that perfect choice for their skin type.  A custom blend will be chosen by you for what suits your wants and needs.

The solution is plant based derived from sugar beets and sugar cane so clients don't need to worry about any chemicals being used.  Organic, 100% paraben free, gluten free, sulfate free, nut allergen free and cruelty free. It interacts with the amino acids we already have in our skin to produce a brown color change.  Never orange we promise! 

The tan itself takes about 15 minutes plus another 5 mins for drying time. (20 mins total)  All disposables will be provided unless there is something particular you would like to wear during the application.  Keeping in mind wherever you wear something will not get tanned so if you don't want any tan lines then go nude. (Men are required to wear bottoms of some kind. Boxers, boxer briefs, swim trunks rolled up or underwear is mandatory.)  Your tan will last anywhere from 7-12 days depending on your daily activities and caring for your skin.

Before your tan:  Day before your appointment:  Shower, shave, exfoliate your skin really well. A loofah, body mitt or dry brushing is best. Then moisturize your skin everywhere. This allows you so remove any dead skin that could cause your tan to come off quicker or fade unevenly.                      

Day of your tan:  Shower normally but don't put any lotions, deodorants, makeup or perfumes on.  Avoid using bar soap because it can leave a film on your skin. This allows the solution to absorb evenly without anything blocking it from setting in. Bring loose dark clothing to wear after your tan. There is a bronzer in the solution so you will get an instant tan but it will wash off after your first shower. If you will be sleeping in your tan its recommended to put down old or dark sheets because the initial color can rub off a little bit but will wash out completely. Clear solution is available if the bronzer is a concern.

Caring for your tan... After your tanning session, you'll want to wait at least 6-8 hours before showering, swimming, exercising or any activity that may disrupt the tanning process. 8-12 hours is best. The key to your tan lasting as long as possible is keeping your skin well moisturized after your first shower.. Body butters and good rich lotions are perfect. Stay away from pure oils though. As they are great for your skin, not while you have your tan. Oil can break down the tan.  If you will be going in a chlorinated pool its best to moisturize your skin before you go in. This will act as a barrier and help block the chlorine from penetrating your tan. Always pat dry after showers and pool activity. Your skin gets soft after being in water and you don't want to rub your tan off. Pat dry gently then moisturize moisturize moisturize!

We sell an amazing Tan Extending lotion and Instant Airbrush that will keep your tan lasting even longer! This is great for clients that want to be tan all the time but may not be able to come in for airbrush tans. Its also great for touching up your tan while on vacation or just for everyday use. Your artist will be able to help you pick out whats best for you and show you how to use.

All waxing should be done at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Manicure and pedicure should be done anytime before your appointment

24 hour cancellation policy